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Introducing Amica Token, a culmination of blockchain’s ability to connect people and add value to things we once couldn’t quantify. Amica Token uses a token to create a Web3 based world where users can interact with NFTs at various price points to battle and transact their NFTs; this is known as the Amicaverse. Amica ties this world to Amica Clothing, which acts as embodiments of one’s assets.

Amica aims to solve the pay-to-play problem with Crypto, as well as revolutionize what it means for something to have value, both in terms of fungible and non-fungible assets within Amica Banking. Amica is led by a team of innovators with distinct skillsets and supported by brilliant engineers and creators.

Amica aims to be amicable – a friend to all. 

• NFT Marketplace

• E-Sport

• Play To Win Gladiator Fighting

• Win Up To $50k In Rewards

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Locked for exchange
(3 months)
Amica Wallet
(6 months)
Team Wallet
(1 Month)
Marketing Wallet

Unlike many projects, we have a functioning demo of the metaverse through steam that can access on launch for whitelisted individuals. Our four dev teams on standby will support constant game development until launch, and they will work around the clock to make it a reality. The clothing design and asset utility have been implemented and are ready for production. NFT designs are being developed and with the base model 80% complete. There are also showrooms with the most up-to-date info and graphics for anyone to see and access HERE.

Amica aims to have a fully working metaverse gladiator game to be one of the world’s first E-sports that is both a play to win and earn. All tangible assets and items in the game will be turned into NFTs from your wallet that you sign in with for login. Each NFT will have a back story released and different in-game power and advantages. How can we do this? By bridging multiple blockchains such as Polygon, Ethereum, and much more announced later on. Having all these blockchains integrated, the best way to manage the cheapest gas rates for everyone will work on Amica banking which will become the next top tier one exchange.

Furthermore, Amicas emperors came up with a tangible way to test fashion and clothing as assets. Amica will expand the concept to other physical items you buy daily, merging the virtual and physical. Finally, our goal is automation; to have trusted teams and partnerships to run different sectors, so Amica Emperors can work on Amica futures. These are ideas out of the ordinary and bring the best products and services to everyone.

In hindsight, there are many reasons, but most importantly is making Amica clothing and eventually daily products into assets. A great example is the following: imagine you can buy any item and be like investing in a home, where the house is the asset that holds its value, you can rent this home to gain weight, and sell it, and after holding based on the market condition the value of the house increases or decreases. That asset is the clothing, and if the market conditions are high from the initial value of time of investment, you will make a profit and gain value back on the clothing you purchased through Amica tokens. A stable increase can return from 10%-100+% based on the community holding and investing in our token.

Roadmap Summary


Rome Wasn't Built in a Day

As Amica's empire grows and flourishes our leaders shall grant our citizens the lowest taxes ever seen.

First Day

Selling and buying Tax will be set to 12% to ensure a sustainable floor price. This will encourage investors to engage within the community and understand the intentions of the projects thus building a strong diamond handed army!

General Tax

5% Marketing
3% BUSD Rewards to Holders
2% Liquidity
2% Burn

Future Tax

As we get registered on more exchanges the buy and sell tax will be reduced.

Amica Philosophy

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Amica Team

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